Saturday, July 20, 2013

WORX WG504.1 Trivac Delux Combo Kit with Metal Impeller and Leaf Collection System

WORX WG504.1 Trivac Delux Combo Kit with Metal Impeller and Leaf Collection System

The WORX TRIVAC Deluxe is a 3-in-1 compact blower, mulcher, and yard vacuum all in one without tube changes. This WG502.1 TRIVAC Delux with metal impeller includes the (WA4053.1) leaf collection system to make it the perfect combination for collecting those pesky fallen leaves and mulching them into a compact collection system. The WG502 brings has a 2-stage mulching system with shredder blade and all-metal impeller. The WORX TRIVAC is lightweight and easy to use. At 8.6 pounds, the WORX TRIVAC weighs less than a gallon of milk! In fact, it is the only blower/vac actually designed to be used with only one hand. With the TRIVAC WG502 Delux, there is no hassle with changing large bulky tubes when you want to change from a blower to a vac. With the flip of a switch, it can easily go from blower to vac. The TRIVAC Deluxe has a metal impeller blade which increases the mulch ratio to 18:1. The metal impeller is also heavier duty against solid debris objects. The convenient WORX large-capacity collector bag holds up to 10 gallons of mulch (equal to 100 gallons of dry leaves) and is made of special breathable nylon fabric to maximize airflow. The bag's proprietary quick-connect coupler makes emptying and replacing it a snap. As a blower, the WORX TRIVAC Deluxe produces airspeed of over 210 mph, strong enough for even the toughest wet leaves and debris. As a yard vac, its powerful 12 amp motor produces enough suction to vacuum 14 gallons of dry leaves in less than a minute. The Deluxe and its 2-stage mulching system with all-metal impeller condenses leaves and debris to one-eighteenth of their original size - perfect for spreading as ground cover for the flower bed or compost for the garden. With the included leaf collection system (WA4053.1), simply fit it over a trash can, fit the tube onto the Trivac, and begin collecting mulched leaves in your own trash can – no more bending or bagging. The mulched leaves will go directly from the Trivac, through the leaf collection tube, and into a trash can in a matter of seconds.

  • Electric blower and vacuum can blow away debris then easily change to vacuuming in seconds
  • Combo kit includes WA4053.1 leaf collection system that attaches to waste can (waste can not included)
  • 2-stage mulching system with shredder blade and all-metal impeller
  • One hand operation; also includes 10-gallon collector bag
  • Backed by two year warranty; emission free thanks to electric power


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