Sunday, July 14, 2013

IA851025 Staypoollizer Premium - In Ground Pool - Automatic Water Leveler

IA851025 Staypoollizer Premium - In Ground Pool - Automatic Water Leveler

The Staypoollizer Was Created For Use With Professional Pool Cleaning Companies In Mind. Tested By Professionals, The Staypoollizer Has Evolved To What We Believe Is The Market's Most Durable And Dependable Solution For Maintaining The Water Level In Your Swimming Pool. Quality And Dependability Have Been Our Goal Since The Inception Of This Product And We Streamlined The Designed Of The IA851025 Staypoollizer By Eliminating Complicated And Costly Electronics, Adjusting Needle Valve And Auxiliary Basin Systems, With The Mind Set That You Can't Break What's Not There. The Result Is A System That Offers Unmatched Durability And Years Of Dependability. Quite Simply, The IA851025 Staypoollizer Is Commercial Pool Technology Designed For The Average Homeowner's Swimming Pool. All It Requires Is A Standard Garden Hose And A Quick And Easy Adjustment To Automate Your Pool Water Level Maintenance.

  • Reduce The Risk Of Pump Damage From Water Levels Falling To Low
  • Senses Low Water Levels Correcting Automatically 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week
  • Thin Profile Allows The Staypoollizer To Blend Into Any Enviroment
  • Water Level Adjustment Is Acheived By Simply Sliding The Float Assembly On The Lower Rail To The Desired Height. Water level adjustment range measured from top of pool deck (approximately 3.50" to 10.25").
  • Attaches To A Standard Garden Hose And Is Built Heavy Enough To Stay Where You Put It


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