Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rain Bird Smart 12 Station Simple to Set Smart Controller, 12-Zone

Rain Bird Smart 12 Station Simple to Set Smart Controller, 12-Zone

The Rain Bird 12-zone Simple-to-Set Smart controller goes one step further than traditional water timers. Not only does the SST Smart automatically start and stop watering on a regular schedule, but it also adjusts its water output depending on the weather. The controller is equipped with Self-Adjusting Weather Sensing Technology, which pulls information from a built-in nationwide historical weather database and a Smart Weather Sensor (included with the product). Just enter your zip code and the watering schedule you prefer and the SST Smart does the rest. It's so easy you can forget the instructions; the SST Smart will handle the watering all year. The SST Smart controller installs inside or outside. (View larger). The controller adjusts the water by plant type, sun exposure, soil conditions, and more. (View larger). Companion CD for Easy Calculation You can set the SST Smart to water to your preferences, or you can use the companion CD to calculate a more efficient watering schedule. The easy-to-follow instructions help create a watering schedule tailored to a specific geographic area, taking into consideration the many factors that determine watering needs: plant types, sun exposure, plant density, slope, soil conditions, and sprinkler watering rates on each zone. Easy to Use and Control Sometimes "smart" technology can be too controlling, making it difficult for homeowners to implement changes to fit specific needs. Not so with the SST Smart controller. Regardless of the schedule you set up, you can always change the watering schedule to suit your individual needs, allowing for total control. Other Advanced Features The SST Smart timer features built-in trouble shooting of valves and wiring. If a short is detected, the timer suspends watering to the zone and displays a warning message. The timer also offers Water Now buttons for one or all zones, plus a rain sensor status light. And to ensure durability and long life, every SST Smart has superior surge protection to guard against damage from nearby lightning strikes and power surges. If power is interrupted, the timer stores settings indefinitely without the need for a backup battery. Simple Installation The SST Smart includes color-coded terminals that make it easy to connect zone wires as well as master valves, pump start relays, or a rain sensor. Just strip wires and push in to connect--no screwdriver needed. What's in the Box SST-1200s Smart timer with transformer and 6-foot cord, CD with run-time calculator, English/Spanish installation guide, and English/Spanish operational manuals.

  • Indoor/outdoor automatic water timer that controls up to 12 valves
  • Simple zone-by-zone setting lets you customize watering schedules for each area of yard
  • Weather-sensing technology automatically adjusts watering amounts year round
  • Large easy-to-read screen and lighted buttons allow you to review settings at a glance
  • Durable, long-lasting design with superior surge protection and sealed case


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